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Reply to PeterFoot

Feb 28, 2010 at 7:08 PM

PeterFoot was asking a few questions about the planning and design and testing of Pocket MEF.

The following is the reply for those questions:

  1. CTP 9 has relatively minor changes therefore Pocket MEF is currently has no planning for update
    (I may update the API to reflect the changes but have no
    planning to update the code).
  2. Pocket MEF is reflection the original MEF code, but I did not done any additional performance
    testing, working with shared creation policy should limit the performance
    penalty to the first time object is been created.
    Anyhow if somebody will do performance testing you can publish it under the discussion tab.
  3. As for the separation of the Pocket PC and the CE version, those version
    do have some minor changes, and it was easier for me to use different projects.